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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  September 24, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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everybody here was carefully screened because of the threat of the world that we live in now and because this is the most extraordinary effort the city has ever made -- >> that's right. >> -- to keep the pope safe. at the same time keeping a bunch of heads of state safe here who happened to be here for the u.n. >> and because this is a pope who likes to get out there with the people. we've seen him over and over again either getting close to jumping out of the pope mobile to touch someone, to kiss a baby, to kiss a child, to kiss a handicapped person. that's just who he is. the emphasis and the focus on trying to keep him secure and safe has to be there. it's an interesting challenge for them but it's one that they've met. we were talking to jonathan dienst just a few days ago. you'll see the lines 0 people going out there. those who have the closest proximity to him are people that
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are going to be screened. they're all screened. >> behind -- actually there are fences here. central park is fenced off. fifth avenue is fenced off. we were sent a little earlier in the day -- i don't know if i want to share this with you or not. >> go ahead. >> it's a lot of figures and facts and stuff. these are the sorts of things you can dazzle your friends with if you want to tell what the nypd had to do for this particular security effort. the nypd is going to use 24,500 barriers, 14,000 of which are owned by the department. it's going to total 196,000 feet of barrier or 37 miles. the barriers are primarily these 8-foot high not really chain link fences, but they look like that. the links are tiny, making it difficult to scale them. >> those are the ones we have seen around central park. >> they're right around us. and if we look beyond our cameras where we're positioned in front of st. patrick's, it's
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rather like we're in a cage. but the department is going to use 1200 traffic cones, 43 sand trucks in central park, 409 pieces of concrete blocks, you've seen those around town here, these weigh 3900 pounds each and they totaled it up for us, 818 ton of concrete block, 19 barrier trucks all to protect the pope while he is in the city for 39 hours and 40 minutes. and we're told they figured out he will cover 54 miles on the ground in new york city. and they are going to be, at the same time, 220 different motorcades between the pope and the u.n. general assembly. it's the 70th anniversary of the u.n. we've got 170 heads of state in town at the same time. so does the new york city police department have its hands full? yes. i'm sure they welcomed every other agency that's in town from
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the secret service on down helping out with the effort. >> i'll get back to something i shared with you. my son was watching our coverage and he said, why is this so important? why is this man so important? well, you know, there's 1.2 billion catholics in the world. and he is the leader of the catholic church. and i'll dazzle you with some information here. these are things that you may not know about pope francis. he is the pope of first obviously, pope francis is the first jesuit pope and the first from the southern hemisphere. his favorite person was his grandmother rosa who helped raise him, taught him his first words of italian. he's a big supporter of san lorenzo football club, the team that represents his childhood neighborhood. you've seen them in pictures with the jers they presented him.
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gifted a personalized jersey by the boston celtics. he also graduated in chemistry and worked as a chemist before entering the seminary. there's so much that we know about him. he's got over 7 million twitter followers followers. but we were talking about do we know so much about him because of this generation that we're in that's just information or is it something about him? >> did you mention he was a bouncer? >> he was a bouncer. that's right. >> did you mention his first girlfriend? >> yeah, that's right. he was really in love with her. >> he had a girlfriend when he was a teenager. he had a girlfriend. there are a number of people that know him who said, if i can't marry her, i'm going to become a priest. so because of that broken heart, we have a pope.
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>> and he also loves to tango. >> yes. >> we know he likes a stae. >> it's a strong tea. it's bitter. it's awful. i shouldn't say that, but he like it >> it's an acquired taste. >> i guess you grow up with it, if that makes sense. >> apparently it served him well. >> yeah. >> by the way, father gill has something special here. the cheer is going up behind us. we are so grateful to have father gill with us because he didn't have to be. inside st. patrick's cathedral there are 1,000 priests who are going to hear the vespers this evening.
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>> father gill won one of the seats and he has his ticket here. so if we can get a shot, i want to show you right now. father gill has -- zoom in on this and we'll get the shot. anyway, father gill has a ticket. he could be inside with the holy father tonight. he elected to be with us to spread the gospel. >> spread the gospel, just like he would. >> to talk about the church. there it is. now that we've got it on camera, i'm sure you got a great bid for this. >> oh yes. >> exactly. some of your producers wanted to take that away from you as well. no, no, we need you here as well. >> i should say i didn't know i got this ticket until yesterday. >> and you had made the agreement with us. >> full disclosure. >> we thank you so much for being here with us today.
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you've met him personally? >> march 17th i was in rome to meet him. >> tell us. >> he was gentle, authentic, big smile. we celebrated mass with him. one of the things that struck me, i expected him to be really charismatic. he was not so, a little dull almost. but once he started preaching and listening to the word, he just got animated. you could see like the spirit take him over. it was very exciting to see. >> it strikes me that there is a paradox here with this pope because his life was designed by him to be simple and to -- i mean he's still wearing his orthopedic shoes. he's not wearing the red shoes that are traditional. >> the black pants underneath. >> we've seen the cars he's using. he's still trying to carry that same sense of simplicity with him as he leaves. but here's a man, the more he
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spotlight, the more he tries to present a more simplified picture of the pope, more humble picture of the pope. the more his popularity increases, the more people love him. he's getting more and more aj laigs. >> the late cardinal knew him pretty well, and he doesn't have the same animation as he does now, but what an mates him is preaching and sharing his life with people. he told the u.s. business shops, be close to the people. you've got to do that. that's the theme in some ways. even with the congress he was saying be open to people, be close to people. as politicians you have responsibility to live the golden rule. >> on that topic, before i get away, he was 77 years old, had actually tendered his letter of
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take care of his knee, that it was time, and suddenly another job came along. >> another job came along. >> the pap pacy. >> they have to tender a letter at age 75, and it's up to the pope to accept it. and benedict did not accept it so tle there he is. >> he's also spoken about not having a time limit for lounge he wants to be pope. >> he said he could resign or the lord could take him. he said, it's all in god's hands. that's why he went out and met with people. it drives his security crazy. >> of course. >> there have been reports that he's actually, at the vatican, he's actually eaten with some of the employees. he's snuck out and eaten.
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he snuck out one time to get some lenses. >> oh right, some glasses. yeah yeah. he went to this high end italian store and said i want the cheapest ones. it was a little odd but it was fun. >> wasn't his first mass as pope for the workers? >> yeah. >> typically it's for the fancy folks. but he didn't do it that way. >> well he had the assistant chapel mass. >> well he's airborne as you can see. i don't need to tell you that. the helicopter is en route and this should be approximately a 10-minute flight to the wall street held la port. he's supposed to transition to the pope mobile somewhere up here. we don't know if he's going to stop at east 72nd. >> i don't think so. i think he's supposed to come directly. >> 5:44. >> by 6:00. me may have to come straight here.
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the motorcade, if the timing is correct. >> oh yeah. >> come all the way up the fdr drive, what do you think, 20 minutes? >> that seems right and then he has to transition into the pope mobile. >> and when he gets here -- >> that's going to be chaotic. >> yeah. that's going to be -- >> people who are lucky enough to have made it through the screening and are out here on fifth avenue are going to get a treat. the lucky ones are the ones right here. >> in the cathedral, you'll be way in the back, generally speaking. >> talk about the vespers, talk about that prayer service. >> vespers, it literally means evening prayers. the church following the example of the church, we pray every day at different hours. this is the sunset prayer, evening prayer. it's built around the psalms. the psalms are chanted, one or two readings and then a homily. and then it ends with an
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intercession prayer for the world and the needs of the world and then it ends with this great song of mary where she meets elizabeth and says my soul proclaims the greatness of the world. it's a beautiful prayer that's chanted. all priests and religious, everyone is invited to pray this prayer every day day. the vespers prayer. >> we're going to count on you to guide us through that this evening when it happens here and help us out when it's appropriate to talk about what's going on. there are some things that to non-catholics, they're going to be mysterious and some things that have a great deal of meaning that we need to know about. >> especially this prayer, it's all based on the psalms. and even the introductory, god come to my assistance is based on psalm 95, i'm pretty sure. and the closing blessing would be based on the other psalms. it's a way that the church developed -- following the
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praying the psalms. and before that they used to memorize the psalms. it's quite beautiful. >> will he have his own words that he's going to be saying? he also is sort of off the cuff sometimes and do his own thing. >> that's in the homily, yes. >> that's a probability, right? >> this prayer is primarily for religious and priests. and so he's been giving talks about how to be close to people, how to smell the people. you got -- you have to smell the people, smell the sheep. i think he's going to be giving that kind of advice. how to be a pastor and a parish priest. it was great comment you talk about the sense of him being a parish priest. but he's speaking to the whole world too. >> let's talk about the fact that the is the first jesuit pope. >> we know them for the universities and colleges and high schools.
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but there's another part about the jesuits that are very important is following the example of their founder, that there was a great conversion experience he has -- >> if you could widen the shot. i think we can see -- we've got two helicopters coming, one with the pope in it. we have them trailed, one of the marine corps ospreys, if i'm not mistaken. do we have control of this shot in. >> it's the top of the rock camera. let's see. >> is it two helicopters? >> two helicopters. this is sort of the traditional security way of doing it, flying two helicopters. we've got a little lag here. sometimes if you see the tops of our heads, it's because we don't know we're on camera yet. we're looking at the picture watching the helicopters ply along there. there was an aircraft i mentioned with, the osprey.
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i thought i saw it. for those aviation buffs in the audience, i thought i would mention that. >> we want to give our viewers an aerial view of st. patrick's ka theed ra cathedral cathedral. you can see the crowd that's waiting, the energy and the excitement that we're talking about trying to capture here. these are some of the people that are going to be the lucky one to see the pope come down fifth avenue. it's going to be extraordinary. again, we could feel the energy and excitement. but in about an hour this place is going to be on fire. >> it is going to be. we've seen this scene over and over again in every city he's been in. people come out automatically to see him, the pope. pope francis who have touched the hearts of people all over the world. and not just catholics. she seems to have a universal appeal, just a personal perspective of a man, the sort of man he is. his concern for the less
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let's go to andrew siff out among the people. >> i've been at this location, 58th street and fifth avenue for seven hours now and there has been a building crowd. you can see across the street, now thousands of people are lining the other side of the street. they're behind metal barricades. where we are here, this is seventh blocks north of st. patrick's. there is no view of the pope mobile here. this is north of the security zone. but just the mere buzz that pope francis will seen be descending south on fifth avenue have attracted quite the crowd for those who want to get a much closer glimpse, as we found out they arrived very, very early. hours before the final metal barricades were in place, argentina was here at 3:00 a.m. this woman sported a pope
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francis t-shirt and waited patiently on fifth avenue clutching pictures of her son. >> that's the closest i can get to him, all right? i'm not going to be able to shake his hand. >> and she had plenty of company. >> this will be my third pope. >> these two scouted and early vantage point. >> i'm excited because he's such a humbling guy. he really is here for the people. >> so many armed with camera phones to capture the moment. >> it's not only the catholics. to everyone he's a uniter. >> but the 8-foot fencing closer to st. pat's kept some with an obstructed view. that didn't bother this woman here with her grandparents. >> i loved john paul ii and to see pope francis, i'm so happy i don't know tow to express it. that's how emotional i am right now. >> back live now you can see a lot of people right in front of the plaza hotel.
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manhattan real estate right now. a lot of people flowing out of their offices, pressing themselves up against the barricades, hoping for a view, trying to guesstimate what time it should be. it shouldn't take long for francis to get north of the heliport. the motorcade will be able to go through quite smoothly. and his trip through this section of the 50s will be pretty quick. at this point he's going to want to get as close to st. pat's as he can. once he gets south of 54th street then you're talking about a secure zone. anyone there has had to pass through the magnetometers and have tickets to be close for a view of the pope. that's the latest live in midtown. back to you guys. >> this is a video that we got a short time ago of the pope mobile as it arrived at the nuncio residence. do we have the video? it's up.
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okay. once again we have a lag here, a little issue. we're still looking at the ospreys if you want to know at home. this is, as you said, this is the wrangler. >> this is the wrangler. as we've seen in the past, there have been cadillacs used and mercedes. but he went with a jeep wrangler which i think is a little apropos as well. we heard of a ferrari at one point, apparently, ar at least a mode of transportation. but i couldn't see this pope, pope francis ever in a ferrari. that's just not his style >> not his style. >> no, no. >> and you can see there is no protection here, not really. there's a little bit of protection over the top of the thing. >> we want to go to -- she's at the nuncio residence.
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>> pope francis will spend two nights at the nuncio residence and a number of people have been gathered here casually throughout the afternoon. i want to show you where they've ended up at this point because the police have cleared all of the crowds from the middle of 72nd street which is blocked off to traffic. it's still open to pedestrian traffic but the crowds who want to take a picture or quite frankly stair at the residence, they're relegated over to the street corner here. i want to show you that pope mobile video again. we were all -- it was this afternoon. we were all sort of standing around on 72nd street and without much fanfare it arrived. it turned up empty, of course. but the pope mobile casually made its way down 72nd street and went in front of the residence for a short while before they took it too another location. unclear exactly where it is at this point. but it did spend a little bit of time in front of the nuncio residence. the residence, come back live to me now, is in the middle of the
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block on 72nd street. it is sort of the tan building just to the left of the tall white building there. 11,000 square foot five-story towns. donated in 197 a 5. it was once hoed by former new york city mayor hugh grant and his wife. they were devote catholics and installed a private chapel inside the home. pope francis will be the third pope to stay there. when pope benedict came here in 2008, security was equally as tight. in fact, residents in the neighborhood remember it well. i spoke to one woman who had a little bit of a startling moment back then. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i live on the third floor. i can see everything that's happening. i have a direct view. the last time the pope was here, when i opened up my bedroom window, i was not expecting this, i saw sharp shooters with
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facing me and they were on the roof top of all of the buildings here. it was something that was so frightening but of course necessary. >> necessary absolutely. the security still very tight at this point. the residence here, it's really the last stop on the pope's trip through the city this evening. after he leaves vespers at st. patrick's cathedral, that's when we're told he'll head over to the residence and that's expected to happen sometime after 8:00 this evening. chuck and sibila, back to you. >> thank you very much. we can see the pope's helicopter now. it's approaching the downtown heliport. this is a so coarse ki helicopter. it will be landing shortly. we predicted 6:00. by my watch he's got four minutes here. >> not too bad, considering how
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late he arrived. >> here he is, he has had a number of things to say about capitalism for many years and certainly recently as pope he's had some remarks about capitalism that have gotten some people somewhat irritated, shall we say. but it's -- here he is landing at the wall street heliport. this is the beating heart of capitalism here in new york city. he's daniel in the lion's den. >> yes, he is. he is. you know, it goes along with his analysis, though, that the systems, capitalism, should serve people and say people first, i think, is really the heart of his critique, just as it was with john paul ii and
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in the lion's den, yes. >> we don't know which one the pope is in. we'll find out shortly. second helicopter probably landed by now, given a slight delay in video out here in our live location. >> i hope that -- i'm sure that he felt the love in cuba and in d.c., felt the love there, as you could see, people just fawning over him, just smiling. people felt blessed and i'm sure he's going to feel the same thing here in new york. you speak to new yorkers. they're so happy about this visit. >> people in the parish are just completely overwhelmed with the pope's visit. >> in d.c. there was one moment that's caught on camera where he was stepping out shaking hands with the crowd and he was asking a man to pray for him. >> that's what i said earlier, yeah. >> a fellow jesuit that he recognized.
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>> and that was one of the things he said also when he first became pope, when he was elected pope. he came out and that was one of the first thing that came out of his mouth. >> when i met him he said, please pray for me. don't forget. >> that speaks to his humility. >> there was a great moment at the capitol as he was leaving, he told people to pray for him. he said i know some of you can't pray and that's okay but send me good wishes and good thoughts. he was really inclusive reaching out and talking to people. >> i heard a story when e was a young man he was in school and had the small handwriting. i don't know if you've heard this story. >> no, i haven't. >> and his teacher said your handwriting is so small, you have to write bigger. and he said, who am i, who am i to have big handwriting. which was so cute but some relevant. >> the dye was cast. >> the dye was cast that day. who am i.
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>> his signature is very small. >> the irony of this humble man, arguably one of the most humble in the world right now is one of the biggest and the famous. >> compare his signature to donald trump's and see what the size difference is. >> that's right. >> oh my. >> i'm sorry. >> it's great. i think he has some things to say to donald trump. but to all of us. >> we'll see. but the way he approaches it is marvelous, always incredible. he's never on the attack, never an attack, never. >> yes. always dialogue. >> another fiat. that's the same vehicle that he was driving -- or that they were driving him in in d.c. >> well that trip took about 15 minutes from take juf, liftoff
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anybody who is stuck in traffic trying to get to jfk or get back to jfk, they can appreciate out extraordinary that is. we've seen a lot of familiar faces here. who is the gentleman, back to us now, the dignified looking fellow. do you recognize him? >> i do not recognize him. >> he's a key member of the interraj. we've seen him every time the pope has gotten out. >> getting back to the story of him saying who am i to have big handwriting. who is he to drive a big car, you know. it's possibly one of the smallest cars out there, the fee yot fiat. but that's his way. >> we may not see him unless he decides to get out and shake some hands. the car is on the far side of the aircraft so he may go
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the car and then he'll begin his earthly journey up fdr drive. >> right. right. and then be transferred to the pope mobile. but we're not sure if he's going -- he's going to the papal nuncio residence, do you think? >> i'm not sure about that. we'll find out shortly. he's due here now in less than 45 minutes. i think all in all he's probably going to have to come straight here. the drive down fifth avenue is going to be slow in the pope mobile. he's going to want to wave to the crowds and absorb their energy and bless them as he comes. yes. >> it's a lot to ask, though, with his schedule, you know, to keep everything on time. it's a lot to ask. he had a little bit of time go back and maybe just take a breath. >> what do you anticipate the mass? >> probably 35 minutes, 40 with
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it starts at 6:45, probably 7:30 or so, depending on how long he preaches. >> i'm just doing a little bit of math. his day began, as it usually does, we presume at 4:30 in the morning. if he had to go to 7:30 at night, we're talking about a 15-hour day for the man. then he's got to get back to the nuncio and try to get some sleep. >> try to get sleep and get prepared for tomorrow which will be an enormous day. he's going to be at 9/11, visiting the 9/11 memorial. from there he's going to go to east harlem, going to visit the children there and the lady queen of angels. going to meet with some immigrants as well. after that he's going to 2 central park. he's going to go down central park in the pope mobile. and then of course the mass. >> the mass at msg, yes. >> and address the joint united nations.


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